Neutering is the right thing to do for your male dog. It helps prevent negative behaviours, and it ensures there will be no unwanted puppies. Recovery is usually easy, but you will want to ensure your pet's comfort.

1. Create a Recovery Space

Make sure there is a private, quiet area prepared for your dog's recovery before you bring them home from the vet. If your pup is crate trained, then the crate makes the ideal location. Otherwise use their favourite dog bed or cushion. Your dog will have issues jumping and climbing for a few days, so a ground-based space is best. Provide a dog bed, blankets, and any items that your dog normally sleeps with or provides them comfort. It should be separate from areas used by other pets.

2. Prevent Licking Behaviors

Licking wounds is an instinctual behaviour, but it can damage the incision site and lead to infection. You may need to put a cone on your pup to prevent licking. If the cone causes stress, a recovery suit is an alternative. This is a jumpsuit-like piece of pet clothing that prevents licking access to the surgery site, but it may not stress your dog as much as a cone since it doesn't surround the head.

3. Minimize Activity

Your dog shouldn't go on long walks or play fetch for at least a week or two following the procedure. Exercise and vigorous activity can open the surgery site before it has a chance to heal, which will lead to discomfort, pain and possible post-surgery complications. Encourage more mellow behaviour and alter normal routines slightly so the pup doesn't have to jump or climb.

4. Use the Pain Meds

Your vet will provide you with medication that your dog must take following the surgery. Some of the medication is to aid healing, such as antibiotics. Others will be provided to help manage your dog's pain. Make sure your pup takes these medications as prescribed, as they will go a long way toward helping your pet recover in comfort. Further, pain relief calms your dog so they are less likely to irritate the surgical site due to stress-induced behaviours.

5. Avoid Infection

Infection can be a risk during recovery. Avoid bathing and grooming until after the wound has healed. Swimming and playing near water are also off the table for the week or two it takes to recover. Check the surgical site daily for signs of redness or weeping that may indicate an infection.

Contact a local veterinarian if you have any concerns after your dog's neutering procedure.